National Tourism Week 2016: May 29 – June 4

tourismTourism can be found in every nook and cranny in Nova Scotia. Whether it’s providing employment, inspiring entrepreneurial skills, or generating important economic development for the community – tourism is everywhere in Nova Scotia. Find out why tourism matters…

tourism2Tourism Creates Jobs. Tourism provides over 40,000 Nova Scotians with employment. That’s more than the Agriculture and Fishery sectors combined. Where are these people working? From the highest point in Cape Breton to the tip of Yarmouth – Nova Scotians have been working in this industry for years, and they’re arguably one of our most precious assets. The beauty of our province is only one of the reasons why visitors return to Nova Scotia. Read any TripAdvisor review, you’ll notice a theme – friendliness.

With that being said, 40,000 people is a lot. Can you picture 40,000 people under one roof? Just to give you an idea, the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax can host approximately 11,000 people.

Did you know that 1 out of every 3 Nova Scotians work in tourism as their first job?

tourism1Tourism Inspires Innovation. Tourism offers best-in-class experiences as business clusters bring together recreational, culinary and cultural activities to attract new visitors who spread the word about Nova Scotia as a destination.

tourism4Tourism Stimulates The Economy. With 40,000 people paying their taxes in Nova Scotia, surely that’s a lot of money. It certainly is – $225 million was generated in tax dollars in 2010. That money helps government invest in important infrastructure like schools, hospitals, roads, etc.

tourims5Tourism Is Resilient. There will always be time for travel, whether leisure or business, travel is a necessity – a way of life. Regardless of the stock market or what’s happening in the world, tourism remains a fierce industry that everyone dabbles in.

tourims6Tourism Inspires Community. Tourism highlights Nova Scotia’s rich history, culture and most importantly – its people. Through events, museums, restaurants, hotels, outdoor adventures and more, visitors and locals can enjoy the full benefits tourism has to offer.

touris7Knowing the 5 Reasons Why Tourism Matters – there’s never been a better time to chat with your neighbour, local MLA, or business next door about tourism.

Opportunity To Grow Tourism – There is huge growth potential for Nova Scotia’s tourism industry. The Now or Never Report released by the oneNS Coalition team believe that tourism can be doubled from a $2 billion a year industry, to $4 billion.

Moving forward, let’s work together to double tourism revenues so that our neighbours, communities, and businesses can live in a flourishing Nova Scotia.

Written by: Tiffany Hart 



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